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Welcome to the Hungarian Cibakházi Distillery

Our real secret is the fact that the road to making a fine brandy starts with the blossoming of our own fruit trees. We carefully follow the fruit material from that moment to the bottling. In our family-run distillery established in Hungary, Europe, we distill the treasures of our own orchards for our customers.

What is Pálinka?

Pálinka is a traditional Hungarian premium fruit spirit, or brandy, with a high alcohol content, typically between 37% and 60% ABV. Distilled from 100% pure fruit as required for the brand; no sugar or other ingredients are allowed.

The flavors and fragrances of the fruit are crystal clear. It is a complex experience like that of a special perfume. There is an opening sensation, there are the “heartnotes”, complete with a slowly fading aftertaste.

Pálinka is a prime quality liquor, considered to be a Hungarian national treasure. It is often served at social gatherings and celebrations. Usually consumed at room temperature, it does not require chilling.

Family Distillery using Homegrown Fruits

We have found that homegrown fruits make better liquor than fruits bought elsewhere. So we started our own farm thirty years ago, and now our distillery is surrounded by several orchards.

Pálinka: The Spirit of Hungary

Pálinka is a traditional Hungarian spirit made from fermented fruit. It is typically distilled from plums, but can also be made from other fruits such as apricots, cherries, pears, or grapes. Pálinka is a strong spirit, with an alcohol content between 37% and 60%. It is often enjoyed neat, but can also be used in cocktails. Pálinka is a popular export from Hungary, and is enjoyed by people all over the world. It is known for its unique flavor, which is derived from the fresh, local fruits that are used to make it. Pálinka is also made according to strict regulations, which guarantees its quality.

If you are looking for a high-quality, unique spirit that is made from natural ingredients, then Pálinka is the perfect choice for you. It is a great way to impress your guests, and it is sure to become a favorite in your home bar.



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