Traditional of technology

About our distillery

We combine the knowledge, energy, and dedication of three generations of our family to make our fruit brandies, or Pálinkas. Today, we also grow much of the fruit ourselves. Our real secret is that the road to making the brandy starts at the flowering of our own fruit trees.

A traditional drink made using the latest technology

Our unique, self-designed distillation equipment combines over thirty years of experience with modern achievements. With a fully computer-controlled system we can manage three different distillation technologies.

We can control the entire distillation process with precision and a focus on quality.

These factors result in a fantastic harmony of fragrances and shades aroma. Still, the human factor is important, as we taste everything, examine our products personally, because there is no machine that can replace judgment and experience.

Quality, loving care, and a respect for tradition. Every bottle is personally checked, so here's to your health! Best regards,

József Bognár Jr. owner, master distiller

Quality, loving care, and a respect for tradition