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Get to know our Pálinka series

Our real secret: the journey of the pálinka begins when it blooms, from there we follow the path of the fruit until bottling. In Cibakháza, in Tiszazug, the sunniest part of the Great Plain, we distill the treasures of our own orchards for you.

Premium Pálinkas

Our Premium Pálinkas are made using a unique blend of three distillation technologies: the classic traditional still, the aromatic column “small kettle” still, and the single-stage still. This results in a fruity nose and flavor profile with a long, silky finish.

Our Premium Pálinkas are made from the freshest, juiciest fruits grown only in Hungary, in our own orchard, with no additives. This ensures that they have a pure, natural flavor that is unmatched by other Pálinkas on the market. The 40% alcohol content of our Premium Pálinkas makes them a perfect choice for sipping neat. They are sure to grant an unforgettable drinking experience even for the most discerning spirits connoisseurs.

Prémium Pálinkáink

Designer Pálinka

We have created a special, custom-designed glass bottle for our varieties of Designer Pálinka, which perfectly complements the unique flavor of the spirit within. The bottles are individually blown or hand-shaped with a small body-tinted glass fruit, symbolizing the inner essence, or the soul of the fruit, visually magnified by the pure brandy as a lens surrounding it.

The quality of the bottle is on par with the quality of the Pálinka itself. Both are made with care and attention to detail, and both are sure to impress even the most discerning connoisseurs of spirits. The Designer Pálinka is a perfect choice for special occasions or for simply enjoying a fine brand of spirits. It is sure to become a cherished addition to your liquor cabinet.

Designers Pálinkas

Prémium60 Pálinkas

Our premium 60 Pálinka product line is silky and strong, made for those who like special things. Despite its high alcohol content, the surprisingly soft and intense fruitiness dominates, which is also thanks to our unique cooking technique: this way we were able to bring out the aromas and flavors to the maximum without compromise.

Prémium60 Pálinkas

Classic Hungarian Kisüsti Pálinkas

We make classic small-batch (known as “kisüsti” in Hungarian, literally, 'of a small kettle') Pálinka varieties only from the finest domestically grown fruits. A deep, full-bodied fruity flavor dominates, as they are all distilled from carefully selected, prepared, seeded, and washed fruits originating from Hungary. They have a rich, fruity character that resembles fruit jam – it is immediately clear of which kind of fruit your glass of Pálinka has been made. Distilled using state-of-the-art methods and traditional techniques dating back hundreds of years and made without any additives such as aromas or sugar, these Hungarian Pálinkas warm the heart and the soul.


Our real secret is that the journey of pálinka begins as soon as it blooms